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The Newest Kitchen Trends That Will Make Your Kitchen A More Lively Space

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Kitchen is the area in your house in which you spend most of your time cooking, talking, and doing the daily chores. The area where you are spending so much time deserves to look mesmerizing beautiful to provide you with a soothing effect whenever you step inside.

Every year, new trends outshine the previous ones, when it comes to redesigning the splendidest of your kitchens. Homeowners want diversity and variety in the options they have, and the newest kitchen trends of 2021 are what everyone was waiting for.

1- More Natural Stone.

People are falling in love with the impact that the installation of natural stone generates. Kitchen remodeled and designers are recommending back-splash and waterfall textured stones to complement the countertops. Both granite and marble are in the long run in the market. All-stoned kitchens are extremely feasible to keep your cooking space cooler by reducing the heat. If you are going to choose a dark-colored theme for your kitchen, and blend it with light-colored natural stone shelves and countertops, it will create a magical effect.

2- Matt Black Finishing.

kitchen Matt black cabinet
Credit: thespruce.com

You probably have noticed the growing craze over black. Even the appliance companies are manufacturing the kitchen appliances mostly with matte black finishing for a regal impression. It is highly advisable to the homeowners having such extravagant appliances to revamp their kitchen theme according to their appliances. Matte black cabinets and other fixtures will provide your kitchen with a charm that will be everlasting. The glossy finishing and shiny paints are a part of the past now, and matte is the newest trend of 2021.

3- Open Shelves.

open shelves design for kitchen
Credit: houzz.com

The inspiration of the open shelving comes from the hotels where they manage everything with a witty storage solution. Opening shelves do not only take lesser space, but they will also provide you with an opportunity to flaunt your smartness in designing your kitchen according to the latest standards. The visibility of your storage allows you to make a bold statement for your kitchen design. The open shelving also allows you to enhance the decorative appeal of your kitchen. You can put vases or other pieces of stone and crystal crafted decorations that will add to the beauty of your kitchen.

4- Pantries You Won’t Need To Hide.

kitchen storage place ideas
Credit: hgtv.com

There was a time when the storage place in your kitchen was supposed to be dark and locked up unless you need something from there. In 2021, things have really changed. Now, you can include a small lighted up storage place in your kitchen with all good stored. Add proper shelves inside the pantry, and get a glass door to increase the visibility so that you get a chance to show everyone how organized you are with your storage space. If you think that it’s a bad idea; give it a try.

5- Unification Of Kitchen In The Living Area.

open kitchen design
Credit: jorgefontan.com

Although homeowners have been using this idea from the past few years, it was not as popular and accepted as it is now. For more convenience to entertain your guest while you cook for them, you can bring your kitchen out from the close space into the living room. You can cope up with the colors by mixing dark and light shades to create a unified effect while maintaining a difference in your kitchen and living area.

6- Dual Toned Cabinets

dual toned cabinets
Credit: freshome.com

It has always been a singular color whenever the debate on cabinets arise. Glossy, shiny, and matte colors have been tried out over the past years, but this year brings in a new variety. The most incredible part about kitchen remodeling is that it is extremely affordable. You don’t need to replace your cabinets because you’ll just have to pay the cabinet color change cost. Dual-color cabinets look stunning. You can contrast with either light shades like whites and gray, or dark ones like black and gold.

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